Oh, Hello There

on Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yeah, so Theresa has been doing all the writing, so I figured that I would put in my view of our first two weeks. I have been really busy with drinking and hiking, and making videos that I have no time to write. And our laptop is ridiculously small, so typing on it is a pain. But it gets the job done.

We are leaving for Italy in about an hour. It is 3am UK time. We just moved the clocks ahead for their "Summer Hours". I thought we were the only country that did that, but sure enough the UK does it as well. Some things of mention about the UK that I will vainly describe. Everything is smaller here. And why wouldn't it be? The cars are smaller, the houses are smaller, and their clothes dryers are non existant. They save a lot of money by air drying their clothes. Everyone owns a terrier, and they absolutely love their sweets. Ridiculous. Their children are a lot worse off than ours. It just seems that every story in the paper is about how the country is losing their children to sex and drugs. 12 year olds are becoming dads. Weird.

All I can think about is our time on the farms. Then our trip will really kick in. We have been hanging out with friends for the past 2 weeks. So it seems like our usual everyday life, we just dont go to work. Which is probably the best part of this whole gig. And I dont have a cellphone. For the first few days, I would feel a slight vibration and reach for my phone in my pocket, and then realize that no one in the world can get a hold of me right now. It is pretty liberating.

I will post some more videos, and photos. We have a bunch. mostly of us hiking, and getting drunk. not really impressive stuff yet. But just you wait...


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