Shine on you Crazy Diamond

on Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I've got it! I know why I love to travel all the time. All we do is tell stories of life back home...of what we have and what we miss. It's building appreciation and patience. Appreciation of the life you have, no matter how's always better than what everyone else around you has. The patience that you never thought you had for what other people believe and how it changes your pattern of thought...patience to grow and change, not just the crops, but my entire language. Patience to appreciate everything I truly believe in and live for.

You think...ahhhh, a farm in southern inheritance of millions surrounded by thousands of old books...a dog who thinks the world of you as your sole companion...and it pales in comparison to everything you ever had AT HOME. It all seems magnificent at first...but they don't have my stories...and I suppose everyone can say the same. Maybe it's a bit ignorant...selfish, but I'm not bothered.

Too much wine at dinner and an empty spot at the computer...=)


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