We are leaving in 6 weeks

on Monday, January 26, 2009

No big deal really. Just a life changing event that will... change our lives. Theresa and I are going to Europe for almost 5 months. Not the typical backpack across Europe, stay at hostels, and only experience the tourist sections of France, Italy, Ireland, etc. No, we are going to be Wwoofing for the majority of it. Look it up, google it. Basically, we will be staying in the countryside, volunteering on farms in return for room and board. I am pretty sure that a little bit of culture will get mixed in there as well.

Why are we doing it you ask? Great question. and the answer seems to vary from day to day. We first wanted to travel, get it out of our systems before we settle down. Then we wanted to experience other cultures, more so than we did when we were only able to visit these countries for 4 days at a time. Then we wanted to research the simple life of the farms where we will be staying. Take notes on their self sufficiency, relaxed lifestyle and figure out how the hell we can pull off working a job we love, and still have exorbitant amount of time for a family. Now we want to write a book about it as well. A travel guide for couples.

For whatever reason it is when we finally board that plane for Dublin, we are leaving. We are doing it. Against the wishes of many, and the advice of many more, we are leaving our comfortable jobs, and searching for a life full of adventure, hardship and obstacles that we will never encounter as desk jockeys.

The thought of traveling is consuming us. like a child on Christmas Eve, we have been dreaming of March 14th for months now. We booked our flights well before we were married on October 12th. And the honeymoon in the Mayan Riviera was just a warm-up for what we have planned in Europe. And now, I cannot concentrate at work. I cant talk to my friends, I cant do a lot of things that carry on my past complacent lifestyle. I am consumed by the thought of being free from a job that I am not physically put together for, and being with my beautiful wife on a trip of simplicity, and life altering circumstances.


Mary Durante Wehrhahn said...

Rick, You know how utterly thrilled I am for you and your wife.

I am thoroughly enjoying your blog so far. I can't wait for the book to come out ;-)

Happy St Patrick's Day, hope you are celebrating it to the fullest.


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