Don't Call it Quitting

on Friday, March 6, 2009

Words like "resignation", "quitting" even simply "leaving" have been scaring people away from reality since the beginning of time. Resigning from a task, walking away from only brings feelings of remorse, regret, inadequacy, all of which should never weigh on your mind when moving toward a perceived goal or dream.There are plenty quotes that have added fuel to our adventure fire but this one seems to resonate and delve into the reasoning behind our latest journey:

“Thank God, I have my work, but instead of earning money by it, I need money to be able to work; that is the difficulty. I think there are no signs in my work that indicate that I shall fail. And I am not a person who works slowly or tamely. Drawing becomes a passion with me, and I throw myself into it more and more. I do not have great plans for the future; if for a moment I feel rising within me the desire for a life without care, for prosperity, each time I go fondly back to the trouble and the cares, to a life full of hardship, and think: It is better so; I learn more from it, and make progress. This is not the road on which one perishes. I only hope the trouble and the cares will not become unbearable, and I have confidence I shall succeed in earning enough to keep myself, not in luxury, but as one who eats his bread in the sweat of his brow.” -Vincent Van Gogh

We have decided to quit our desk jobs (which pay fairly well) for reasons beyond "backpacking Europe." We are going to learn how to live...kinda like Ghandi. "Live every day like it is your last and learn like you'll live forever." Paired with every other life-altering inspiration we've encountered, including Thoreau, Potts, Emerson, Sartre, John/Paul/Ringo/George, our parents, family and friends. So, here we go. A week set aside to pack, prep, break in our shoes and say our farewells! Here's to Wwoofing!


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