Rainy Days and Sunshine

on Monday, March 23, 2009

Woke up this morning after watching films all night and NOT drinking to a rainy day in England. The rain is so intense. It hits in every direction like its painting murals on the window. Whatever direction, it drips down so slowly, then fast, then slow...you can feel the cold air come in the cracks and through the glass. It looks so sad, but when the smell hits you can't help being overcome with...well....happiness. Where have all my adjectives gone...I need to get outside!

That was about an hour ago and now the sun is shining the brightest its been since we arrived. It never rains all day...just once or twice followed by bursts of sunshine. As much as it messes with your emotions, it really is worth it. The whole earth is covered in moss. All the trees and rocks...even the cars. Surrounded by every shade of green...neon green, sea foam green, yellowish green, royal green, chartreuse, emerald, harlequin. It's endless and full of energy.

This week intermission before our first farm is getting us a bit antsy. I've been dreaming of rolling in the mud and tending the flock. Our first farm just emailed back this morning. Salvatore is picking us up in Naples outside of the Star Termini station and we are heading to his B&B/farm to help him bottle olive oil and cook for his guests in brick oven fireplaces. Salvatore has dogs, goats, horses, pigs, sheep and cows. Looks like there will be time for some gardening as well. When the week is up, we plan on hiking to the cousins house in Riccia through the Italian countryside. About 8 hours as the nazgul flies so about a 12 hour hike, we'll probably call them halfway and ask them to pick us up.

For today, the wait continues. The sun just invited us out so we are headed on a hike to a haunted mansion in Radcliffe. On a side note, I do wish we could bring Marty and Tash home with us...just so they could sit around all day and make us laugh. We have done nothing but laugh since we got here, my stomach actually hurts.


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