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on Thursday, March 19, 2009

Although we were only there for a couple days, leaving Dublin was like leaving home. The people reminded me a lot of my father...my family...and even friends. Close talkers. I always thought it was just my father who would come in close to talk. Real close. I thought, maybe he's losing his hearing or he wants to keep our conversations private...but it turns out, it's a genetic characterisic...at least I'm pretty sure it is. If you are Irish and over the age of 30...you will lean in close to talk, almost cheek to cheek, with anyone.

So close, that I was able to see that pale complexion magnified. That sanguine skin, those crevices and dry cracks on their cheeks, ruddy red noses with deep divots & tiny red capillaries. I lost track of the directions half the time reading their faces...staring into their crystal clear, Irish eyes and cringing after whiffing their warm breathe. It's a treat, really... to feel right at home, surrounded by family in a faraway place.

A poor, old man sat across from me at breakfast while Rick was in the bathroom. Joe couldn't get his walker between the tables so I had him sit with me. 'God bless ya, love. Where ya from then?' We talked for a bit...he would change subjects and trail off...never too interested in one topic...and pretty tough to understand but so very patient with me. I told him we were headed to St. Patrick's Cathedral to listen to the choir. 'That's Anglican. My church round the corner...that's Catholic, you come wit me then.' As fate would have it, we ended up in 'our' church with Joe. A Gaelic ceremony, pretty tough to follow but we fit right in.

Delays at the airport last nite...we finally made it back to Ormskirk. Just like the old days! There's an outdoor market every Thursday and Saturday as usual, we went this morning for some breakfast and a walk on the countryside. Marty just arrived home from work so we're headed to Morrison's for groceries...so much to write about...with all this free time, I have no time at all....plus, Marty introduced us to 'The Mighty Boosh' tv series...shit!


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