Anseo...In Dublin

on Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We made it...Dublin for St. Patrick's Day! We have done nothing but drink Guiness and make Irish friends since we've arrived. It feels like home. Time we spend in the pubs is time we have to write, sketch, think...etc. It's been the best travel experience so far, minus the hangovers.

I have to try and keep this short, simply because I only have one hand to type with. I'm icing my thumb.

After meeting two blokes at Anseo (one of our favorite pubs we found with white collar workers, musicians, a DJ w/ countless bins of 45's & gig poster wallpaper) they asked us to join them on a pub crawl and we happily accepted. According to them, Anseo means "I'm here" in Gaelic. In primary school during role call, this was the response. Gavin (lawyer) and Johnny (accountant) had off from work today, like the rest of the country. More reason to celebrate. After the 4th pub, we parted ways and Rick decided a doner kebab and garlic cheese fries would be the perfect nightcap...I thought a piggy back ride might be fun...Rick did not. When I tried to leap onto his back...he moved and I basically threw myself onto the pavment at Stephens Green. We were hysterical until I realized my thumb had its own heartbeat. It's pretty swollen, but a lovely battle wound. We did successfully eat some delicious take away and went immediately to bed so we wouldn't miss early morning mass.

So much more to write about...the parade, the people, the pubs...but it's late.


Jennifer D'Acunto said...

So glad to hear that your time is amazing so far!!! It will only get better from here! Happy St. Patty's Day!

Robert said...

Ohh, right. Tomorrow is mass...because in Ireland, it's actually Sunday tomorrow. You know, with the time difference and all. I get it now. Ok. Alright. Yeah. You would think my filter for bad jokes would be more successful with type since I have time to read and edit. Nope.

Valerie said...

Hey you better drink responsibly. I bet you didn't know you can't drink and piggy back at the same time. Good thing the police didn't catch ya!!
Love ya

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