Don't Let Life Pass You By

on Friday, March 13, 2009

What a whirlwind! This past week has been filled with farewell parties, checklists and household chores. Typically labeled, "tying up loose ends," I like to call it "torture." Long goodbyes, they take...well...too long and now I know why people run away. Not sure if thats the onset of depression after eating and drinking every night for the past two weeks, but I do know that today, our last day before we head out, is a wee bit emotional. Bittersweet if you will. Missing any moment with family and friends is heartbreaking...but sacrificing some time away from everyone you love is something you have to be prepared for.

I'll never forget the first two weeks in Ormskirk. How physically and emotionally ill I was from being away from home. I'll also never forget how painful it was to leave our new found home at Edge Hill's Eleanor Rathbone Hall. As cliche as it sounds, I've figured out the reason behind having certain people come in and out of my life.

Each time we explain our trip, it gets morphed into things people love to hear. "I hear you're going to build houses in inspiring" to "Someone said you'll be mining for gold in the Netherlands...what fun!" At the same time, each person expresses different questions and concerns that truly define your relationship with them, well, maybe not entirely. From mom & pop, sister & brother, mother/father-in-law, professor, childhood friend, cousins, bosses, colleagues... each one reacted the way our relationship called out and expressed the concern that defined why they do or do not travel. Check this out in the format:

"When will you be back?" = "I can't live without you."
"What was your inspiration?" = "I need a reason to quit my job."
"Can I fit in your suitcase?" = "I'm suffering, and need an excuse to come with you!"
"How do you have money for this" = "I can not comprehend life without a lot of money."
"Are there animals on the farm?" = "I do not like needles/vaccines, Charlottes Web or Hostel."
"Can you pack your makeup?" = "Do I have to look like shit the whole time?"
"Is your family ok with this" = "My family is Italian. I can't convince them not to physically harm me if I want to leave for an extended period of time."

Don't get me wrong, none of this is bad. It's actually everything I love the most about everyone that posed these kinds of questions. We're just all different. Rick and I love to travel just like other people love to garden or cook. Whatever it is, we know that when we get back we have certain goals set in place. We also are pretty certain that we can accomplish everything we have planned with the support & love we have within and around us.

Last night, at one of many farewell "going out to dinner" parties, the waitress at Harold's brought out our 90lb Napolean cake to share. Because it was so big, we decided to sing Happy ME! The waitress came back and said "I'm sorry honey, if I knew it was your birthday, I'd have brought out a candle" to which I replied, "Oh, that's fine. All my wishes already came true." "Well then," she smiled as she poured another round of coffee, "you must be blessed."

If she only knew.


Robert said...

"Can I fit in your suitcase?" = "I'm suffering, and need an excuse to come with you!"

I think I said this at one point! Have I ever told you I was once a contortionist?

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